ACE Events Limited Statement of Privacy and GDPR Compliance

ACE Events Limited is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

ACE Events Limited will only share essential data with client schools where your child(ren) require lunch services.  Essential data such as your childs name or Alias, school name and address and classroom/teacher are printed to a label attached to your childs lunch order. This will allow staff at the school to distribute the lunches to the correct child. We do not share data with other third parties.

Data is stored on a secure SQL database.



Name and Address of school. - this is used to identify each individual school as well as a delivery address for lunch delivery.

Name or Alias of classroom or teacher within a school.  -This is used to identify each classroom or group within a School. An alias such as a class number may be use din place of a teacher name.

Student's name, and their corresponding class and school along with all applicable lunch options and other status flags. - The student name is used to identify an indiviual student within a school and class/group. You may enter initials etc. Please ensure that the school/teacher is aware of the use of an alias.

Account Logins are automatically generated on a per school basis. Initial logins details are anonymous and parents may enter a name or alias when logging in.

Additional Information:

Childrens names, lunch orders, school and classroom information may be viewed by administrators of Ace Events for the purposes of preparing lunches and printing labels for completed and packaged lunches.

You have the right to be forgotten. in this instance we will delete your personal data upon request.

We will provide upon request all data stored in our system relating to your account.

We will alter and modify data in your account upon request.

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Last updated 20/01/2020